• Joy Norman


I'm so pleased! My Anne Bronte work is now in print again as a black and white image in Edward Chitham's new book: 'A New Life of Anne Bronte'. The image was chosen as an illustration to Anne's poem: 'Lines Composed in a Wood on a Windy Day', which is what had inspired me when I created the piece.

The collaged work was originally part of 'Anne Bronte p200': Lindsey Tyson's exhibition and subsequent art-compilation book, entitled 'Anne Bronte p 200', which celebrated 200 years since the death of Anne Bronte.

Of all the Bronte sisters, Anne was the most radical and the most overlooked by history.

A fascinating read: 'A New Life of Anne Bronte, by Edward Chitham is published by Edward Everett Root Publishers Co Ltd and will be available to buy in April 2022.

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