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©2019 by Joy Norman - Mixed Media Artist.

Miss Clara Knight is a Victorian girl possessed of a particularly independent nature, who has spent many years travelling the country with her father, an eminent Professor of Archaeology. As they search for wonders of antiquity, Clara compiles treasured collections of her own………





Our stay at the coast is proving to be utterly delightful. Father and I are presently the guests of one of our favourite cousins, Mr Idris Knight, and his wife, Cordelia and their small son, William.

Father’s cousin: Mr Idris Knight, Mrs Cordelia Knight and their son, Master William Knight


Father has been very preoccupied with the excavation of a nearby site of archaeological interest so, when my assistance there is not required, I have been exploring the seashore and the surrounding area. The sea here is a vast and breath-taking sight to behold as it is buffeted by the bracing sea breeze.

Seashore Specimens. (i). A most interesting find from our recent stay at the coast.

Seashore Specimens. (i). A most interesting find from our recent stay at the coast.


There are so many places to explore around the seashore: great stretches of pebble-strewn beaches, soaring cliffs to walk along with far-reaching views of the sea and areas with little rock pools just waiting to be investigated. I have already discovered many curious specimens of natural history to add to my collections.

Seashore Specimens: (ii). ‘I was especially pleased to discover this specimen during our stay at the coast.’

A fine specimen of the skeleton of a fish.


Seashore Specimens (vii). ‘We have had such a splendid sojourn at the coast and I have discovered some fine samples for my collection.

We are enjoying a most pleasant sojourn at the coast, visiting relatives. Initially, the weather was extremely blustery, but this did not deter me from my resolve to explore the seashore as soon as I was able.

A most unusual stone

A circle of lovely veined pebbles.