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Before Quiet

I will think of water-lilies

Growing in a darkened pool,

And my breath shall move like water,

And my hands be limp and cool.


It shall be as though I waited

In a wooden place alone;

I will learn the peace of lilies

And take it for my own.


If a twinge of thought, if yearning

Come like wind into this place,

I will bear it like the shadow

Of a leaf across my face.

By Hazel Hall


Inspired by the open curves of the Water Lily, this turquoise-tinted bloom is formed with individual layers of delicate papers and fibres, including plant fibres, commercial papers, and my own handmade papers with inclusions of antique wedding veil tulle and pressed Forget-Me-Not flowers from my garden. 

Mounted inside a handmade glass dome with a wooden base.

Height of glass Dome 20cm

Diameter of base 10cm

Not suitable for children


Price £180

Free UK Post and Packaging

(For overseas delivery, please contact me)

Blossom & Bloom: Water Lily II

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