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Miss Clara Knight's Curious Collections

Seashore Specimens (x). 'Father and I have unearthed many intriguing finds during our stay at the coast but I declare this specimen to be my favourite thus far. Its colouring is quite remarkable. Indeed I have never before encountered anything quite like it. Tomorrow I shall return to the rocky part of the seashore where I discovered this specimen in the fervent hope that I may find another.'



This work consists of a large painted recycled handmade paper ammonite set within a vintage wooden drawer with Clara’s annotation at the bottom edge.  The remains of a distressed luggage tag are tied to the drawer handle with twine.


Please note this is a one off piece of artwork and cannot be re-created.

Not suitable for children.

H 52cm W45cm D19cm

Price £560

Free UK Post and Packaging




Seashore Specimens (x)

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