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Seashore Specimens (viii). ‘Our stay at the coast has been most agreeable and our hosts have made us very welcome. Their young son, William, takes great delight in assisting me in my quest to discover little treasures along the seashore.’


This is an original one-off assemblage, in a hand-painted wooden box-frame.


In this collection, Clara has included a selection of special little finds that she discovered on her walks with Will. including a handmade paper ammonite fossil mounted on a fragment of papyrus, as well as tiny shells, buttons, lace and a fossilised sharks tooth, (still sharp!). Will is looking very solemn in his photograph: he had been told to sit very still and he was finding that to be an almost impossible task. He couldn’t wait for the photographer to take the picture, so he could go and play.


I created the painted handmade paper ammonite fossil using cotton linter pulp.


Frame size: 45cm x 45cm

Price £460

Free UK Post and Packaging


Seashore Specimens (viii)

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