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Seashore Specimens (vii)

‘We are enjoying a most pleasant sojourn at the coast visiting one of Father’s cousins and his wife. Initially the weather was extremely blustery, but this did not deter me from my resolve to explore the seashore as soon as I was able.’


This is an original one-off assemblage, in a hand-painted wooden box-frame.


Clara has gathered together a great many little treasures from her travels into this collection:  including a handmade paper cockle shell as well as tiny pebbles and shells, a vintage shoe button and a fragment of wasps nest. She particularly liked the way the intricate nest had become patterned with stripes as the wasps had diligently built it layer by layer.

On her trip to town with cousin Cordelia, Clara bought Honiton lace for the refurbishment of her gowns. As she had a little left over, she decided to keep it with her collection as souvenir of her happy visit to the coast. With the piece of lace is also a strand of seaweed, a tiny shell and a genuine fragment of an ammonite fossil.

A photograph of Clara’s father, Professor Godfrey Knight, takes pride of place in her collection


I have created the painted handmade paper ‘shell’ using cotton linter pulp.


Frame size: 45cm x 45cm

Price £460

Free UK Post and Packaging


Seashore Specimens (vii)

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