Seashore Specimens (iv).‘Today was a blustery day indeed, yet I have still managed to find many fascinating examples of natural history.'


This is an original one-off sculpture created inside a vintage cigar box.

Clara has placed a photograph of herself over a length of red tartan ribbon which was left over after she had replaced the worn ribbons on her favourite bonnet. On her sea walk, her bonnet was snatched from her head by the gusty sea breeze and cartwheeled for a quarter of a mile along the shoreline before it was triumphantly caught by a little girl and her mama. Displayed in the base of the box is one of Clara’s more enigmatic finds, which she has yet to identify and catalogue, as well as a collection of tiny shell fragments.

I created the painted handmade paper ‘shell’ using cotton linters pulp.


Please note this is a one off piece of sculpture and cannot be re-created. Please also be aware it is not suitable for children.


Size when fully opened: H22cm, W26cm and D3cm.


Price £350

Free Post and Packaging




Seashore Specimens (vi)