Seashore Specimens (iv). 'Our stay at the coast has been utterly delightful. I do wish it were possible for Father and I to stay here a while longer.'


This is an original one-off assemblage, in a hand-painted wooden box-frame.


Clara has meticulously assembled her latest finds over a light blue hand-marbled paper panel. She carefully positioned her prized finds in a small open tin: two painted handmade paper ammonites, finished in shades of rich metallic bronze. Among her many other treasures she was very pleased to have found a double cockleshell, a nugget of fool’s gold, a real ammonite and a lucky vintage die. A fragment of black silk net was included in the collection to remind her of a country dance she attended with Idris and Cordelia: a very lively evening indeed…

She has completed the whole with a dried Hydrangea flower,  (picked from Cordelia’s garden as she took her leave), perched above the tin.


Price £380

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Seashore Specimens (iv)