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Miss Clara Knight’s Curious Collections:  A New Discovery (xi).

‘Father and I have made a new discovery at the archaeological site: an ancient chest containing a myriad of delicate objects. Some have the appearance of vessels but as to their purpose I cannot say.’

This is an original one-off assemblage created inside a decorative vintage metal cash box painted in red, black and gold. Lined using Ordnance survey map paper which I have tea-stained and distressed.

In the left side of the box, Clara has placed two particularly fragile finds from this new site. So delicate, they surely could not be held by mortals and not break into tiny pieces…

On the right side of the box is a carefully arranged collection of Clara’s little treasures: including a gold bead and findings from a necklace that had belonged to her mother, (Clara wore it on so many occasions, that its cord eventually broke when she was out riding. Beads were scattered everywhere but she managed to salvage these few).

The tiny key resting on a fragment of vintage lace belongs to Clara’s jewellery box, where she keeps the rest of her mother’s jewels. Covered in dark red velvet and lined in royal blue silk, it is a treasured gift given to her by her Father, which he brought back from a rare trip London when he visited a very old friend from his school days.


Please note this is a delicate one off piece of artwork and cannot be re-created.



Box when closed: H6cm, W15.5cm, D9.5cm

Box when open: H15.5, W18cm, D4.5cm

Not Suitable for children.

Price £165

Free UK Post and Packaging


A New Discovery (xi).

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