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Curious Collections: As if they were once part of a long-forgotten antiquarian’s private collection, each of these boxes houses a curious little treasure of natural history….

I have renovated vintage/antique boxes and created a curiosity inside each one by combining cast and shaped handmade paper pulp with natural items such as seashells or ephemera from my own extensive collections and a touch of gilding.


5. A Rare Specimen. Norfolk. 1743’


This is an original one-off assemblage which I have created inside a sweet little vintage floral-carved box. The curiosity inside the box is made using a real oyster shell in delicate hues of blue-grey and rust, combined with a painted cotton linter paper centrepiece.


Please note this is a delicate one off piece of artwork and cannot be re-created. The boxes and containers that I use are all preloved, vintage or antique. They have all had a hard life and some still show the scars.



From front of box when closed: H4cm, W10cm, D6cm

Standing upright and fully open: H10cm, W12cm, D3cm

Not suitable for children.

Price £90

Free UK Post and Packaging

Curious Collections 5

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