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Miss Clara Knight’s Curious Collections:  A New Discovery (xii).

‘Father and I have made a new discovery at the archaeological site: an ancient chest containing a myriad of delicate objects. Some have the appearance of vessels but their purpose remains a mystery.’


This is an original one-off assemblage created inside an intricately carved and inlaid wooden box. In the right-hand side of the box, Clara has placed two of her most fragile finds from this new site. So delicate, they surely could not be held by mortals and not break into tiny pieces…

The vessels were created using handmade paper with inclusions of antique lace

In the left-hand side of the box is a length of sky blue silk ribbon that came away from her favourite reticule as she was reaching for her purse in a fabulously sumptuous millinery shop on her excursion with cousin Cordelia.

There are also two buttons, whose significance is known only to Clara.  Hester thought that Clara had kept these because they had belonged to a very charming and attentive young man they had met at a dance some months ago, but Clara emphatically denied this to be the case….


Please note this is a delicate one off piece of artwork and cannot be re-created.



Box when closed: H6cm, W15.5cm, D9.5cm

Box when open: H15.5, W18cm, D4.5cm

Not Suitable for children.

Price £165

Free UK Post and Packaging


A New Discovery (xii)

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