A New Discovery (vii) ‘Some were plainer in appearance, and some decorated, and some seemed so very fragile, we were afraid to remove them from their resting place…’


This is an original work comprising of two fragile handmade paper vessels: the smaller having inclusions of antique silk and the larger, inclusions of silk fragments from a 19th century baby’s bonnet with an Indian Trumpet Flower seed head. The paper itself I made using cream paper napkins. Both vessels are mounted on antique wooden bobbins and displayed within a handmade glass dome. At the base of the dome are fragments of Indian Trumpet Flower seed heads.

Clara’s father, Professor Knight, has invited a party of notable London scholars to visit next week; he is very keen they should see his and Clara’s latest finds. The whole household has been transformed into a frantic hive of activity, preparing to receive these important personages and their entourage. Webster, the Major-domo, may be relied upon to ensure all is ready in time.


Please note this is a delicate one off piece of artwork and cannot be re-created. 


Not suitable for children.

Height of glass dome: 20cm

Diameter of wooden base: 10cm


Price £170

Free UK Post and Packaging

A New Discovery (vii)