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A New Discovery (vi) ‘Each chest had been carefully sealed, then hidden away from all humanity for thousands of years…’


This is an original work comprising of three fragile handmade paper vessels with inclusions of lace and silk fragments from a 19th century baby’s bonnet. The paper itself I made by recycling the pages of very old books, so that it shows remnants of print throughout. These three large, medium and small sized vessels are mounted on antique wooden bobbins and displayed within a handmade glass dome. At the base of the dome are fragments of ephemera from my extensive collection.

Clara spent many weeks in the library at her home cleaning all the curious finds from the dig with fine brushes and minutely examining each and every one. This has always been her favourite part of the process: she is not wildly keen on the lengthy task of cataloguing every item, but looks upon it as a necessary evil….


Please note this is a delicate one off piece of artwork and cannot be re-created.   


Height of glass dome: 26cm

Diameter of wooden base: 14cm

Not suitable for children.

Price £320

Free UK Post and Packaging


A New Discovery (vi)

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