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A New Discovery (v) ‘Some of the vessels appeared to be so very fine and delicate as to have been spun from spider silk by faerie folk…'


This is an original work comprising of three fragile handmade paper vessels, with inclusions of antique lace and silk fragments from a 19th century baby’s bonnet. These small, medium and large sized vessels are mounted on antique wooden bobbins and displayed within a handmade glass dome. At the base of the bobbins are dried Hydrangea flower petals.

Clara and Hester are both agreed that these vessels must surely be of faerie origin and must be treated with the utmost care and respect. Although there had been no sightings of any actual faeries at the dig site, it certainly would not do to vex these elusive creatures in any way and they both feel it would be better to be safe than sorry…


Please note this is a delicate one off piece of artwork and cannot be re-created.

Height of glass dome: 26cm

Diameter of wooden base: 14cm

Not suitable for children.

Price £320

Free UK Post and Packaging


A New Discovery (v)

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