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A New Discovery (i).Father and I have made an astonishing new discovery at the dig….’


This is an original sculpture comprising of a nest of four fragile handmade paper vessels, with inclusions of antique and vintage lace, and a small textile vessel. Both are mounted on antique wooden bobbins and displayed within a handmade glass dome.


At the base of the dome are scattered some of the delicate hydrangea petals, that Clara picked from Cordelia’s beautiful walled garden. (A matt varnish has been applied to minimise their fading). Her father, Professor Knight, has arranged for cabinet maker to build a new curio cabinet which will be large enough to display these artefacts and many others besides. It will eventually be housed in the library, along with the rest of the Knight’s many and varied collections.


Please note this is a delicate one off piece of artwork and cannot be re-created. 


Not suitable for children.

Height of glass dome: 26cm

Diameter of base: 14cm


Price £320

Free UK Post and Packaging

A New Discovery (i)

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